author’s note (february 2021)! ⚢

i made this carrd in june of 2020, but i find that i am no longer comfortable with its circulation, reasons being:

a) there has been a lot of conversation recently on whether the d slur is aave or not. i’m a white lesbian. it’s not my place to decide if it is or if it isn’t*. if you’re looking to be educated about the d slur, ask a black lesbian!

(if you’re nonblack, it’s not up for your interpretation).

b) i have my own ideas on certain topics, but at this point in time, i tend to avoid discourse. my views have evolved into believing that discourse often causes more hate within the lgbtq+ community itself. i’d personally just rather focus on lgbtq+ rights, not lgbtq+ slurs. if someone asks you not to use a slur, then please be respectful and just avoid using that slur (the community as a whole can reclaim queer if you’re set on using oppressive language).

c) another reason why i avoid discourse is because it makes me anxious. along with that, i have adhd, and for me that (unfortunately) also means i experience rsd. since discourse can trigger anxiety/rsd, i think it’s best not to have my words used in discourse.

d) lastly, i really just hate this carrd. it’s really fucking messy. it looks ugly. we both know it.

anyways, with all that being said, please don’t replicate this carrd or use any images of it that may still exist — it’s being destroyed for a reason, and this decision is better off for everyone including myself. continuing to use it as a resource goes against my wishes, and i’ll step on you if i witness it being used.

— n